vintage WV footage

Charleston WV Triangle District archival footage

Friends, I would encourage you to view 13 minute you-tube video below. Please note several of the courageous Triangle Resistance Champions like Mr. Emerson Reed, the late Mr. Black, Mr.Hopson, Mr. Jerry Harris, Rev. Moses Newsome and others whom I did not know. But another person that I did recognize is the brilliant Dr. Virgil Virgil E. Matthews who was a City Councilman during the Triangle Resistance struggle. Dr. Matthews was the lone voice who voted again the plan to demolition the Triangle.
We must stand with residents on the West Side
To protect their community just as Mr. Emerson Reed, Mr. James White Dr. VIRGIL Matthews and others stood with the Triangle Residents in the late 1960’s and early 70’s. Let’s Remember the Triangle Resistance Champions and be inspired by their courage. Be blessed . Mjwatts

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