West Side residents urge city to reconsider proposed zoning changes

Dear friends, I encourage you to click on the two links below and read the two articles by Gazette Reporter, Joe Severino, regarding the City of Charleston’s proposed Neighborhood Overlay Redistricting for a large portion of the West Side Flats of Charleston. The Tuesday Morning Group s position on this matter aligns with the position articulated by Charleston Branch NAACP President, Mr. Rick Martin.
That is, it is inappropriate, untimely and unnecessary to implement the NOR at this time. But instead, the Ciy and CURA should do the following:
1. Convene a public meeting to update the community on the status and of the future for the Amended West Side Community Renewal Plan
2 . Convene a series of strategic planning meetings with local residents to agree on the plan for the West Side.
3 Complete the amendments to the WSCRP and consider the NOR as a part of the amendment process.
The NOR has been placed on the City Council’s agenda for their vote on next Monday, March 16. At 7:00 p.m. I strongly encourage you to attend the City Council Meeting and stand with the West Side Residents. They need and deserve our support. I encourage all Pastors, Sororities, Fraternities, community groups and others committed to fairness and justice to attend the City Council meeting on Monday.
Remember the Triangle District Champions.
Pastor Matthew J. Watts