They know who the thugs are- Huntington- George Floyd March

I wanted to lift up for your attention a segment of the video WestVirginiaVille shot at Saturday’s Huntington WV rally in protest of the killing of George Floyd by four Minneapolis police officers. (And, yes, it was four, not one, as new details emerge on how the other three held Floyd down as he died.)

Here is Rev. Matthew Watts, pastor of Grace Bible Church in Charleston, WV, putting his finger on who can reveal who the thugs and gangsters are on police forces, most of whose officers “are men and women of integrity and character.”

TRANSCRIPTION of “They Know Who the Gangsters Are”

MATTHEW WATTS: “[Racism] is woven into the fabric of the culture of the American quilt, inside of every institution. And that’s why you must use your influence and your power to eradicate it from every institution. And we all need to go and sit down with our mayors and with our chief of police, and with our city council representatives. And we must call for the police to police themselves.”

 “99 percent of the police officers are solid citizens— men and women of integrity and character. And they went into the profession to serve and to protect. And within the police department itself, there are some thugs and gangsters! And the police have to police themselves. They know who the thugs are! They know who the gangsters are!”