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Education Reimagined: The Journey of West Virginia

Rev. Matthew J. Watts has been a leader in his West Charleston community for decades and is a fearless advocate for education reform. He will be the first to point out that West Virginia is ranked dead last on most economic prosperity lists and its failing schools are yet another obstacle young students face.
“School suspension may be the single most important factor that drives children from the school yard to the prison yard.” ~Rev. Matthew J. Watts
What can one man, one town, one state do to change their course and stop the cycle of poverty and violence around them? “Education Reimagined: The Journey of West Virginia” tells the story of how West Virginia’s education system went from failing its students to helping them thrive, thanks in part to the innovative solutions championed by the Cardinal Institute for West Virginia Policy.
Watch this 9-minute short documentary now.

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Postulation Solutions with Preachers – Ep. 7: A Big Idea for a Time of Crisis

Pastor Watts gave an address on Tuesday May 19, detailing missed opportunities to move toward health parity and increased health for all. In this episode, we present a excerpt of the address, followed by a conversation with Pastor Perkins, Sandra Chapelle, Bishop Thomas Jenkins, and Pastor Watts.

They discuss why it is so important for the church to postulate place-based people-focused solutions to the problems that society faces, and consider examples of church-based initiatives that have made a real impact.

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