Dear West Side Residents

I commend each of you for attending the Neighborhood Overlay Redistricting
meeting at Mary C. Snow West Side Elementary School, yesterday. Your presence was a powerful statement of your concerns for your community and determination that your voices be heard. Your engagement with representatives from the City Planning Department is what civic engagement looks like… I encourage you to attend Monday’s Charleston City Council meeting and let your voices be heard by the full Council. I also encourage you to thank Ward 4 City Councilwoman Tiffany Plear for her excellent leadership, Councilman Chuck Overstreet and Councilwoman Naomi Bays for their support in attending the meeting. Since I arrived at the meeting late, there may have been other councilpersons there that I did not see. “Working together we can advance the West Side Revive Movement for Change”
The time is now. Be Blessed.
Pastor Matthew J. Watts